Great Western States - "Strange Day"


First release of my solo project. Recorded in a basement over a year in college.     

My credits: Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Bass, Piano, Midi, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered.  


Darklands / Twin Foxes Split

Available on yellow cassettes. Limited to 50.  Insert includes tour pictures from a fall tour with Darklands in 2015.  


Holiday Music / Great Western States Split

​Available on cassette.  Limited to 25, personally dubbed.  


Twin Foxes - S/T            >>>>>>


Recorded with minimal gear

at Distorted Forest Studio while

under construction.   

​Available on 7 inch record, black and red variants.  

My credits: Guitar, Vocals, Words

Engineered, Mixed, Mastered.  


Big Tall Buildings - "Abandon Me Please"


First release I ever did. Recorded over a year with friends from my hometown, first year of college.  

Mastered at Make Shift Studio.

My credits: Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, Keys, Engineered, Mixed.    




Recorded almost entirely live to 8 track tape.  Recorded, mixed and mastered at Distorted Forest studio.  

Members of Willow, Twin Foxes, and Gymshorts.  

My credits: Drums, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered.  


Holiday Music / Great Western States Split


​​Holiday Music is the solo project of Mike Hlady, friend and fellow engineer. HM recorded and mixed by Mike at Hanging Horse Studio.  Great Western States recorded at Distorted Forest Studio. Mastered at Distorted Forest Studio.

My credits - Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered   

Selected Discography

Willow - "Nocturnal House"


Willow's 3rd release.  

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, at Distorted Forest Studio.  

My credits - Drums, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered 


Twin Foxes / Darklands Split


Fun split with our with our friends in Darklands out of Boston, MA.  

All tracks recorded at Distorted Forest Studio. Twin Foxes side mixed and mastered at Machines with Magnets.  Both Twin Foxes songs were B sides from the "Sleeping on the Attic Floor" LP.

My credits - Guitar, Vocals, Words, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered


​Willow - "Roanoke" EP

Limited to 25 tapes personally 



Great Western States - "Strange Day"

Limited to 25 cassettes, personally dubbed.  

​​​<<<<<<   Willow - "Nocturnal House"

Limited to  50 green cassettes.

My credits - Drums, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered               

Willow - "Roanoke" EP          >>>>>>


First Willow release.  Recorded in a basement during college.

My Credits: Drums, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered.